Coronavirus (COVID-19):

The Doctors Clinic is recommending all patients presenting cold or flu-like symptoms they suspect to be Coronavirus (COVID-19) to stay home and

call their primary care provider. 


Do you have a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater AND:
Difficulty breathing 
Shortness of breath
If you are experiencing the above symptoms in any degree and are not in respiratory distress, please stay home and call your healthcare provider immediately.


The Doctors Clinic is working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff during this outbreak. We are screening patients according to guidelines set by the CDC and Washington State Health Department and are practicing enhanced disinfection protocols at all of our facilities and corporate offices. 

• Do not go to the emergency room or urgent care. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, such as a high fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, and are not in respiratory distress, contact your provider to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19.

• If you have mild symptoms like cough, low-grade fever, or other respiratory problems, stay home and contact your provider. 

• Avoid close contact with those who are sick

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects wand surfaces regularly with cleaning sprays or wipes. 

• To help prevent the spread of the virus, practice good hygiene habits such as thoroughly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60-90 percent alcohol.
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or use your elbow, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

• Stay informed via public health updates as information is changing frequently.


Washington State Department of Health or call the Health hotline: 1-800-525-0127 and press #.