Requesting a Referral

While The Doctors Clinic does not require a referral from a primary care provider for specialty care, many health plans do. Follow the steps below when requesting a referral:

1. Visit Your Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician will evaluate your concern and, if necessary, make a referral to a specialist. If your health plan requires you to see someone from a list of preferred specialists, please bring that information with you to your appointment.

2. Verify Your Insurance and Referral Information

Contact your insurance company for referral requirements. Check that the physician you have been referred to is a preferred provider and that your visit will be covered. Provide our office with the proper insurance information so we can promptly send your referral request to the correct plan.

3. Make an Appointment with the Specialist

Once your health plan has approved the referral, you may call and make your appointment with the specialist. In some cases, the referring doctor may book the first appointment for you. Please verify that any pertinent medical records have been sent to the specialist prior to your appointment.