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Compassionately treating your chronic pain.

Chronic relentless pain is physically and emotionally debilitating.

Interventional pain medicine uses minimally invasive techniques to address the pain cycle. The priority for interventional medicine is to intervene on the pain cycle and block the pain from transmitting through the body by using a minimally invasive method at the root source of the pain. Interventional medicine is an ideal treatment for both acute and chronic pain and can be used to alleviate even the most complex sources of pain.

There are a few common methods that are used in interventional pain medicine. Injection therapy in particular is the most common and simplest form of interventional pain therapy. However, localized out-patient treatments, physical therapy, and energy-based treatments are also commonly used to target the source of pain and disrupt the transmission of the pain cycle. The type of method used for your pain management will depend on where your pain is located and the severity of your pain.

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Beno Kuharich, DO

Interventional Pain, Pain Management, Surgical Pain Management
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Deepak Sreedharan, MD

Interventional Pain, Pain Management, Surgical Pain Management