The Doctors Clinic Patient Portal Now Available

April 1, 2011 -

The Doctors Clinic is excited to announce the TDC Patient Portal is now available. This online portal gives patients 24/7 access to much of their patient information and greatly streamlines communication with the clinic. Once registered, a patient will have electronic access to The Doctors Clinic and be able to:


·         Email their physician (non-urgent clinical questions)

·         Pay bills online

·         Request appointments

·         Request medication renewals

·         Access medical records and more!


Giving patients the ability to check lab tests, view medication lists and request appointments online is a service The Doctors Clinic is pleased to offer. “Having this technology in place is going to revolutionize the way doctors care for patients and draw patients into being true partners in their own healthcare,” states Dr. Brian Wicks, President of The Doctors Clinic.


The portal was the next step in The Doctors Clinic’s adoption of electronic health records (EHR). The Doctors Clinic introduced EHR in 2008. “We believe that the patient-physician relationship is the core of quality healthcare. The patient portal will strengthen and enhance the ability of patients and physicians to create healthy outcomes,” adds Linda Brown, Executive Director of The Doctors Clinic.


“In short order we will all look back and wonder how doctors and patients ever got along without being able to communicate this way,” Wicks said.
For more information about how to sign up for the patient portal click here.


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