For Women

TDC Urology for Women is a complete center for women’s pelvic care.

We provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for women who are experiencing issues associated with the pelvic floor.

Our practice is designed around the needs of our patients. At TDC Urology, a deep respect for your desire for privacy is built into our foundation. The environment is upscale and serene, and careful attention is paid to providing you with maximum comfort, both emotional and physical. Many conditions go unreported by women because they don’t feel at ease discussing them. At TDC Urology, we want you to feel at ease.

We’ve taken extreme care to make certain that you feel safe right from your very first appointment. Click on the providers’ images below to learn more about our Urology team.

Urinary Incontinence
Pelvic Floor Conditions
State-of-the-Art da Vinci Robotic Surgery