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The Doctors Clinic is a multi-specialty medical group located on the Kitsap Peninsula and Bainbridge Island.
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Marina Cheng, MD
Todd Garvin, MD
Marc Mitchell, DO
Randall Moeller, MD
Bainbridge Island
Port Orchard
Ridgetop West - Silverdale


A urologist is a physician who is trained to evaluate the genitourinary tract, which includes the kidneys, urinary bladder and genital structures in men and women, and the prostate and testicles in men.

The physicians at TDC Urology have the knowledge and technology to evaluate the function of these structures, the conditions and diseases that can affect them and their normal operation and the medical and surgical tools to optimize their function, treat the conditions and diseases of these organs and enhance an individual's quality of life. Since the conditions that effect the genitourinary tract can affect men and women of all ages as well as children, the urologist has the opportunity to take care of the entire population.

Common Procedures / Services

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Peninsula Prostate Institute
Established in 2010 by The Doctors Clinic, and Peninsula Cancer Center, Peninsula Prostate Institute is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, compassionate care to men with prostate cancer.  At Peninsula Prostate Institute, we want you to be informed about, and to choose among, the best available options for your cancer treatment.   We offer comprehensive cancer treatment and support including a multidisciplinary team of experts, world-class technology, education and the latest research.
TDC Urology - The Kitsap Peninsula's first and only center for advanced treatment of prostate and pelvic disorders impacting men and women.
Urology for Men
BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
Prostate Cancer
da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Urology for Women
Urinary Incontinence
Pelvic Floor Conditions